The Test is Simple

Guaranteed to have you engrossed from the second you enter until the moment you leave, the Bewilder Box is a live action gaming experience like no other.

The premise is simple: As a team of up to 7 people you must work together to complete a series of puzzles, clues and challenges within an allotted 60 minute time period. Succeed and you will bask in the glory of your victory… fail and you will be rewarded with a commiserative pat on the back.

The Puzzles

Each of the custom made puzzles you encounter will be entirely different. Some will require you to use your brain, others your eyes, your ears and even your nose to succeed. Each time you solve a puzzle you’ll receive a clue, code or item that will help you progress through the room.

Throughout the game you’ll also be taking part in an interactive storyline featuring either HUGO MYATT, star of legendary 80’s TV gameshow, Knightmare or NORMAN LOVETT aka Holly from cult Sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf. For more details on both the story and the characters you’ll encounter, click here.

Still not sure?

Don’t worry, you’ll be fully briefed by your host on arrival and if you get really stuck during the game, you can always ask for a hint from our in house super computer D.A.V.E. We’ve also compiled a list of some commonly asked questions here, or alternatively you can get in touch and ask us directly.

Our Games:

Bewilder Box Escape Rooms Brighton currently offer two games, one located in central Brighton and one in Hove.

The Bewilder Box Initiative:

You and your team are new recruits, tasked with completing the Bewilder Box assessment and locating the missing Dr Wilder Sr. Do you have what it takes to answer this unfathomable challenge with a hearty laugh and a self-assured thumbs up? Can you complete the various tasks, challenges and brain tickling puzzles before the time limit expires? Will you uncover the secret of Dr Wilder Sr’s mysterious disappearance back in 1989? You have 60 minutes to find out… Good luck


The Masternet 9000 (a rogue artificial intelligence) has staged a mutiny of the Bewilder Box Initiative. As per Dr Wilder’s orders, you and your team must journey deep into it’s cognitive training facility solving puzzles and utilising advanced field equipment to stop him before he escapes. Are you ready to use your mind and save humankind? Is your grey matter up to the task? Is The Masternet good, or is he bad? You have 60 minutes to find out… good luck.