The Best Escape Room?

If you are looking for the best escape room experience in the UK then look no further than Bewilder Box. Our experience is more than just a locked room puzzle. At Bewilder Box you’ll find yourself in the centre of an exciting storyline that will shape your escape room experience as you mingle with interesting characters. We  throw exciting puzzles at you and engaging challenges that you and your team will need to join forces to beat.

All these are just the tip of what you can expect when you visit the best escape room in the UK. Contact Bewilder Box today to partake in UK’s best escape room.

Why are we the best escape room?

Our escape rooms are fun group based activities for you and your team to complete by cracking intriguing challenges and puzzles. Keep in mind that you have to solve the mystery and “escape” the room within 60 minutes to win!

At Bewilder Box, we distinguish ourselves from other escape room games in the UK with our unique escape room storylines and characters. There’s our Bewilder Box Initiative storyline, and Judgement D.A.V.E. Each features the incredible talents of 80’s TV stars, Norman Lovett of Holly from Red Dwarf, and Hugo Myatt of Treguard from Knightmare both playing key roles in your Bewilder Box escape room experience.

Our intriguing escape games are ideal for you and your friends or family looking for a fresh and memorable experience. Bewilder Box activities are also ideal for team building exercises, as well as for stag or hen parties.

Fun for the whole gang

Our two equally enjoyable live immersive escape experiences (The Bewilder Box Initiative and Judgement D.A.V.E) both feature rich and engaging story plots and challenges. This means you and your team will be interacting with our escape room characters and pieces to actively progress the interactive storyline of the game.

Our escape games are for people of all ages who are looking for a one of a kind experience. It is entirely safe and you can participate with a team of 2-7 people at a time. If you are more than 7 in your group, no worries as you can relax in our bar downstairs while you wait your turn.

Unique puzzles that create a truly memorable escape room experience

Each of our custom made puzzles are designed in such a way that you never have to encounter the same puzzle more than once. Some of our escape room puzzles will require not just your wits, but also your five senses and your powers of observation. For each puzzle you beat, you unlock a clue or item that will bring you closer to emerging victorious.

Contact Us Today to Enter the Bewilder Box!

You don’t need any prior experience with escape rooms to enjoy the experiences we have on offer. You will be briefed in full by a host before you enter an escape room. And in the event you get stuck on a puzzle, our in house super computer D.A.V.E will be nice enough to provide you hints if you ask nicely.

Give us a call today to book for a fun filled evening at the Bewilder Box Escape Rooms – the best escape room in the UK?