Box Room in Brighton

The Bewilder Box escape room in Brighton is perfectly geared towards you and any of your friends looking for a unique activity to enjoy. It provides 60 minutes of great fun that requires sound teamwork and detective skills if you want to beat the clock and escape The Box. As well as being great fun for friends and family alike, it also makes for an enjoyable and challenging team building exercise for workplace colleagues.

If you’re looking for something different to do in Brighton and fancy being locked in a ‘box’ with 60 minutes to escape, give one of our a Bewilder Box escape rooms a go! Conveniently located above The Hobgoblin pub in Brighton and The Brunswick pub in Hove, both easy walking distance from the centre of Brighton. Call us or visit our website to book and we guarantee to provide you and your team with an experience you’ll never forget.

Beat our Escape Box Room in 60minutes or less!

Our Brighton escape rooms provide 60 minutes of fully immersive fun, where you and your team will be trapped in The Box to solve puzzles and escape. They’ll be a variety of different challenges to solve and clues along the way to help you on your path. The game is carefully designed to be enjoyed by all participants, including families and groups of friends or colleagues looking for a unique and memorable experience to share in Brighton.

The fun starts immediately as you step into our Bewilder BoxBrighton escape room and doesn’t stop until the 60 minutes have elapsed, or at the point that you beat the room. To beat the clock and escape The Box, you’ll have to work with your team and apply a combination of intuition, logic, and detective skills to crack the escape room’s puzzles and unlock items and clues.

All the way along the immersive story will keep you and your team entertained and guide you through the room. The plot of the entire game is driven by our interactive storyline, whereby you and your team play as a key character. If you can escape The Bewilder Box in less than 60 minutes, you leave as new recruits of The Bewilder Box Initiative. If at any point you get stuck or need some assistance, your eccentric Bewilder Box host will be on hand to guide and help you. And if your host is otherwise engaged on some very important Bewilder Box business, our friendly onsite computer D.A.V.E. will only be a ‘call’ away; ask him anything and he will assist you and your team to make sure you can escape The Box.

Book now for Bewilder Box Escape Rooms in Brighton!

When you visit us, you will be thoroughly briefed by your host before entering The Box, so you’ll know exactly what to expect. If your team gets stuck during the game, hints will be provided to help you progress. So, bring your family, partner, friends, colleagues or even neighbour to Bewilder Box escape rooms for a unique and unforgettable outing in Brighton.

Call us or visit our website now to make your booking.

Who’s it for?

Bewilder Box escape rooms in Brighton are for everyone. They are perfect for those rainy days with friends; as something to do with the kids on the holidays; and as something to liven up any stag or hen party. In fact, Bewilder Box escape rooms are any day of the week and any occasion if you’re looking for an exciting and unique indoor experience that you can enjoy with friends or family.

Bewilder Box escape rooms in Brighton can be enjoyed by anyone – young or old – who’s interested in a touch of sleuthing and likes a challenge. The game can be played by teams of up to seven people at a time, or just by a couple.

Regardless whether you’re visiting the city or you’re a resident of Brighton, all are welcome.

Bewilder Box is especially recommended for stag or hen parties, family bonding experiences, companies in need of a fun team-building event, or friends just looking to play. This is an exciting mental challenge that’s just as fun as it is rewarding.