Cheap Escape Rooms in Brighton

If you are looking for fun, intellectually stimulating and cheap escape rooms in Brighton where you and your family, friends and colleagues can have unforgettable adventures, look no further! Bewilder Box cheap escape rooms in Brighton offers completely different custom-made puzzles in a locked room, providing you with all the fun and excitement you can find in Brighton.

The aim of these games is not just for you and your team to have a fantastic time, but also for you to participate in a stimulating mental exercise. These games require all your senses if you are to have any shot at winning. That means you and your team will have to use your nose, ears and eyes to figure it out and ensure your victory. Our custom made puzzles and mysteries foster teamwork because they require collaboration to ensure  success.

60 Minutes of Mystery and Excitement

From the moment you step into Bewilder Box’s cheap escape room in Brighton, you will be totally absorbed in our series of challenges, mysteries and puzzles till you leave. These hour-long locked room mysteries will avail you the opportunity to crack codes, discover clues and solve puzzles with your friends, family and colleagues in Brighton. Not only do we offer cheap escape rooms in Brighton with incredible storylines and crazy experiences, they are also a perfect team-building activity for large groups.

If you think you’ll be subjected to 60 minutes of just solving random puzzles, you don’t quite get the full picture yet. For every puzzle you complete successfully, you are rewarded with an item, code or clue that will assist you in the subsequent level as you progress through the best escape room in Brighton.

What Games are available at Brighton’s Bewilder Box?

At our cheap escape rooms in Brighton, we have two unique games which are Judgement D.A.V.E and The Bewilder Box Initiative. You and your team are put in a room where you must draw from one another’s strengths to complete a series of challenges, clues and puzzles within an hour.  The games feature popular characters like Holly from Red Dwarf and Hugo Matt from Nightmare.

Whether you win or lose, Bewilder Box guarantees you a live gaming experience like no other.

Experience our Affordable Escape Rooms in Brighton Today!

If you are working on a budget and need a cheap escape room in Brighton for a stag night, birthday activity or a team-building exercise for your co-workers, you can set aside dates for you and your group at the “Book Now” page. You can also give the people in your life a rare treat by getting them pocket-friendly gift vouchers so they can have an unforgettable experience and an adventure of a lifetime. Your next adventure is just a click or phone call away so call us now to make your reservation.