How it works?

Our free ‘print at home’ mini escape room game is designed with kids in mind, but big kids are also welcome to give it a go. It can be run as a self-contained activity, a race to see who finishes first or even used to add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to any gift!

Playing the game requires a minimum of two people. The first is the games-master who sets up and runs the game, providing hints along the way. The second is the player who will solve the puzzles

All you’ll need is a 4 digit padlock with a re-settable combination (set to the secret number found in the game instructions), a prize of some kind, a pen, some scissors and our printable game which can be found at the following link:


The game will take approximately 10-20 minutes depending on who is playing. We suggest that for younger children (7-10 years old), the adult takes a more active role in the game and provides extra hints to help them get started on each puzzle.

Please Note: The game comes with a set of instructions and an answer sheet. We recommend reading through everything before starting the game!

This game is free for anyone to use non-commercially (parents, teachers friends, workmates) so please share it with anyone and everyone that might find some fun in it!

Merry Christmas,

Team BB x