How it works?

Our Christmas party mini game is a mobile table top escape room that we can bring to your function or event.

Players must work together to solve puzzles and challenges against the clock in order to open the final padlock which is wrapped around a fridge containing a cold bottle of bubbly*!

Each game lasts between 20 and 30 minutes and is suitable for up to approximately 6 players per game. This allows us to host a lot more players than a standard escape room setup, in a much shorter period of time. Perfect for a Christmas party!

How much does it cost?

The cost of renting our mini game is £450.00 + VAT for our standard package. This covers events based within the Brighton area. For events further away, larger groups or any other alternative requirements please get in touch:

What’s included?

The hire fee includes rental of the game for up to three hours of actual play time with an additional estimated 45 minutes of setup and pack down time either side. Each game also includes an in-character host who will guide players through the experience plus bubbly for each team and a number of smaller mini prizes.

How much space is required?

Our game is fixed to a standard size 6ft trestle table. We would suggest a space of around 4x4meter squared or up. In the interest of providing a quality game experience (with not peeking from the other teams!) we advise using a private or closed off space, separate from the rest of the event.

*Prizes can be swapped out as required.

I’m interested! What now?

If you’d like any further information, or to book our minigame, please get in touch using the following contact form: