Brighton experiences

Are you tired of the same old activities and experiences in Brighton, and are looking for something new, challenging, and just plain fun? If yes, then Bewilder Box escape rooms has something special for you.

At Bewilder Box, we provide unique and entertaining experiences to those in Brighton looking for a fun time with friends and/or family. Our experiences are best for groups of people looking to do something fun together. You can visit us in Brighton to participate in either one of our escape room experiences, located at The Hobgoblin pub in Brighton and The Brunswick pub in Hove. Both rooms are thrilling and engaging and offer teams a fully immersive game experience. Beside the fun, Bewilder Box’s unique experiences are great for team building and provide people with a challenge.

If you’re looking for experiences that are out of the ordinary, head along to Brighton’s best escape rooms. Get your brain working, play your part and be part of a team to escape the room. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with Bewilder Box escape room experiences to book now!

Unique experiences we offer in Brighton

People of all ages can enjoy our Brighton escape rooms and escape experiences, so they’re perfect for families or for groups of teens looking for something different and exciting to do on their birthday.
Partaking in one of our Brighton escape room experiences will have you fully immersed in an interactive storyline, where you will have to solve mysteries and beat puzzles to escape the room in the allotted time. It takes teamwork and enthusiasm to beat the game and get out in 60 minutes. You will have to use your brain and senses to crack the creative and tactile puzzles.

Our interactive and immersive storylines feature Norman Lovett a.k.a. Holly from Red Dwarf, and Hugo Myatt, the star of Knightmare, the famous 80s game show. On arrival, you will be well briefed by your enthusiastic host before your team enters the room. And don’t worry, should you need any assistance whilst you’re in the room, helpful hints can be provided to you by our in-house friendly AI, D.A.V.E.
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To conquer the custom-made puzzles and challenges of our escape room experiences, you will need your wits, eyes, ears, nose, and most importantly teamwork. Come to Bewilder Box escape rooms and we guarantee that you and everyone in your team will have an amazing day.

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Great fun for friends and family in Brighton

Bewilder Box’s unique experiences in Brighton offer 60 minutes of fully immersive fun. It the perfect activity for all kinds of groups. You can even arrange a team building game with a group of work colleagues and why not make one of our experiences part of your itinerary on a stag or hen party?

You can participate in a team of up to 7 people and work together to solve the mystery of the escape room. If there are more than 7 people in your group, you can split into smaller teams to conquer the escape room one after the other, comparing times at the end.

If you escape the room with time to spare you can give yourselves a pat on the back. We’re certain you’ll leave our escape room experiences feeling a sense of achievement and a big smile on your face. Regardless of your finishing time, we promise the entire experience will be brilliant for you and your group. It’s all about the overall experience you and your team will get.

In addition, both of our rooms are located above pubs, so you and your team can always celebrate with a drink or two after the game is over.