Fun Things for Adults to Do in Brighton

Why should the kids have all the fun and games in Brighton? The adults can also enjoy great live games that are as mind tasking as they are fun. If you’re looking for fun things to do for adults, then look no further because Bewilder Box has the perfect fix for you. Whether you’d like to go with your partner as a couple or with a group of friends, you can count on everyone having the most fun they’ve had in a long time.

Why are escape room games a fun thing for adults to do in Brighton?

The Brighton escape room games offered by Bewilder Box are real-life puzzle games that take you off your game board and into an actual room where you’ll have to work your brain in order to escape. Like any good game, you will be timed. If you are able to solve the puzzle when the allotted time for the game is up, then you and your team get to be named heroes! Fail, and well, maybe you’ll get a consolatory handshake.

Why would an adult enjoy an escape room game?

Once upon a time, puzzle games could only be played on boards and online. After years of playing the same old games over and over again, one evil genius came up with the brilliant idea of a live action escape room game and soon, it became a hit all over the world!

Okay, no evil genius here, but live action escape room games do provide an immersive gaming experience which adults in Brighton can enjoy. Instead of controlling an avatar like you would in an online game, you and your friends ARE the avatars and are part and parcel of the game itself.

Bewilder Box Escape Rooms Brighton – A Great Night Out for Any Adult Occasion 

Escape rooms are mentally stimulating and are a fantastic way to bond with friends, so it’s something you could do if you’re bored of simply meeting with friends at the bar every other week. Are you ready for some massive fun? Book one of our escape room games now.

Are you simply looking for something new and fun for you and your friends to do? Or maybe you’re interested in a fun but different way to plan your hen or stag party. Whatever the occasion, Bewilder Box offer world class fun for adults in Brighton.

Looking for fun things for adults to do in Brighton? Look no further…

Our escape rooms are bound to challenge your problem-solving skills. You’re assured of having the most engaging and interactive experience from start to finish, so much that you may even end up considering us the best escape room in Brighton. If you have any questions about our escape room games, please don’t hesitate to call us anytime.

The best part about escape room games is anyone can enjoy them, whether you’re a fan of intellectual games or simply like to have some good fun. It doesn’t matter how physically fit you are either, so why not book today and enjoy an experience you’ll remember for a while.