Escape Rooms in Brighton for Large Groups

Whether you have a horde of friends for your hen or stag party, or your entire department at work is up for a fun team-building experience, you can count on Bewilder Box to deliver an engaging escape room game suitable for large groups. Even school children are welcome, so if the entire class is coming, no problem, more super heroes to the rescue!

What is the maximum number of people we can bring?

You can come along with as many people as you’d like, but groups above 7 will have to be split into smaller groups. Due to our fire regulations, we can have no more than 7 people at a time in an escape room. That means you’ll have to book as many slots as you need. The groups of players can then compare their scores after their time in the room has elapsed.

Fantastic team integration for large groups in Brighton

If you have a large group, whether from school or work, you can promote great team integration by having them play our live action escape room games. Our games offer great entertainment and teambuilding opportunities, which are both crucial for team integration. We have two unique storylines and lots of puzzles to get your senses working to find helpful clues.

Don’t waste another minute, you can book right now. Be sure to book as many slots as you’ll need for your entire group.

Do something different from the regular

If your group are used to a certain kind of activity, why not give them something new to engage themselves with. Bewilder Box escape rooms in Brighton are so much fun that your group will be talking about all the fun they had for a long time to come.

Numbers shouldn’t be a restriction

Have you been having trouble finding the perfect activity for your large group? Here at Bewilder Box, we have the perfect fix for you. Once you know how many there are in your group, all you have to do is book as many slots as they’ll need. You can even return another time and reshuffle the groups, so each person gets to play a different game as before and with a different group than before. With our escape room games, you can expect to improve the quality of your group’s team work.

Unwind with good fun in Brighton’s favourite escape room games

Getting your large group together for an escape room game is not for team building alone as our games are massive fun. Whether you’re with your family, friends or classmates, everyone can have great fun solving the puzzles in our escape rooms and it doesn’t matter how many are in your group.

What better way to arrange an unexpected birthday party than have them play one of the best escape rooms in Brighton with friends and follow with a lovely dinner? No one will forget such a  fun birthday party in a long time.

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