Locked Room Games by Bewilder Box (Brighton)

Your search for crazy fun activities in Brighton is over! You are about to discover the top-rated activity in the whole city. We didn’t say it, TripAdvisor did.

What is a Locked Room Game?

Also called an escape room or escape game, a locked room game is a live action adventure game that immerses you in an interactive story which requires you to solve various challenges and puzzles within a limited period of time, usually 60 minutes.  Even our favourite Brighton locksmith KC Brighton Locksmiths have agreed the game is challenging, and they’re the experts! The aim is for you to ‘escape’ by the time your 60 minutes are up. At Bewilder Box, we have developed intriguing storylines where the aim is not merely to ‘escape’ the room, but to complete an important quest.

Previously, escape games were restricted to video games, but now you can get the live experience right here in Brighton and Hove.

What Locked Room Games Can You Play at Brighton’s Bewilder Box?

We are easy to find, as we are located in the heart of the foremost seaside town resort in the UK, so you can enjoy a world-class locked room game whenever you want. We currently offer two incredible experiences: Judgement D.A.V.E and The Bewilder Box Initiative.

Head to the ‘Book Now’ page to set the date you would like to test your wits in Judgement D.A.V.E, or get recruited at The Bewilder Box Initiative. Not quite ready yourself, but would like to give friends or loved ones the adventure of a lifetime? You can get them a gift voucher, available in two different tiers for each of our experiences via the ‘Gift Vouchers’ page.

Locked Room Games are Perfect for any Event in Brighton

Are you looking to engage your team in an immersive team building exercise, determined to blow the minds of your hens or stags, or maybe are looking for something fun to get the kids out of the house? You’ve found it right here. Our games are the right fit for any group or party of all ages and sizes. To make them even more exciting, we feature two fantastic 80’s TV stars, Norman Lovett, (Holly from Red Dwarf) and Hugo Myatt (Treguard from Knightmare).

What to Expect from a Locked Room Game in Brighton

As genius as our games are, the test is ‘simple’. You and your team of 6 or less are put in a room where you must draw from one another’s strengths to complete a series of challenges, clues and puzzles within an hour.

Now, when you are faced with the challenging situations we’ll throw at you, there are two things that can happen: succeed in your quest and be treated like the champion you are, or fail and get a handshake. Whatever happens, though, Bewilder Box guarantees you a live gaming experience like no other.

Locked Room Puzzles in Brighton

During the escape game, you will be faced with completely different custom-made puzzles to get your brain working. Some of these will require all your senses if you’re to have any shot at succeeding. That means you’ll have to use your nose, ears and eyes to figure it out and ensure your victory. For every puzzle you complete successfully, you are rewarded with an item, code or clue that will assist you as you progress through the escape room.