Mystery Rooms in Brighton

Are you looking for something fun and exciting to do as a group in Brighton? Try our escape rooms and immerse yourself in the mystery and challenge yourself with puzzles! It’s great fun for everyone. Once you step into one of our escape rooms, the mystery and fun is nonstop from start to finish. Follow the story, unravel the mystery, and immerse yourself in your role. You’ll solve puzzles, find clues, break codes, and, most importantly, work as a team to win and earn your freedom.It’s a rewarding experience that requires your powers of observation and problem-solving skills to ensure you escape the room in the allotted time.

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Great fun for family and friends in Brighton

Our escape rooms in Brighton are designed to be fully immersive and great fun for all participants. They’re also a great team building and bonding experience for families, friends and colleagues.

The fun starts from the moment you step into one of the mystery rooms and keeps going to the very end. Children, teens and adults can all participate and have a great time working together. You and your team are tasked to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Doctor Wilder and your brains put to the test. What happened to him and his research? You and your team of 2-7 individuals will enter a mystery room where you’ll have to solve puzzles and unlock clues to solve the mystery and escape before your time runs out. You will be challenged, and your team work tested, but more than anything else, we guarantee you’ll have a fantastic and fun-filled time!

If you solve the mystery and escape the room in your allocated time of 60 minutes, you can revel in the glory. You and your team will have passed the test and proved that you’re smart enough to join the Bewilder Box Initiative. If you enjoy yourselves as much as we think you will, you can come back and help us solve another mystery. Return to Bewilder Box escape rooms and play our second game, Judgement D.A.V.E., and help The Initiative stop an evil super computer. Remember we’re counting on you, no pressure!


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Simply telling you how much fun our mystery escape rooms are might not convince you, but experiencing it yourself definitely will. Bring your children, siblings, partner, parents, friends, colleagues, or even your neighbour to our mystery escape rooms for a fun day out in Brighton. It’s fantastic for anyone up for a little mystery and puzzle solving. Are you up to the challenge?

Engaging story and exciting puzzles

Once you start your adventure in one of our mystery escape rooms, we ensure that every minute that goes by will keep you hooked in our immersive puzzles and storylines. Our puzzles require you to use all your senses, they are tactile and creative. Each puzzle you solve drives the story forward and brings you a little bit closer to solving the mystery of Doctor Wilder’s disappearance. Solving each puzzle will unlock a clue that brings you one step closer to the mystery’s satisfying ending.

The interactive storyline will take you on a remarkable adventure that you and your group will work through together. Every puzzle is custom-made, and each room is fully immersive and hides its own mystery. You will need to make use of not only your brains, but also your eyes, ears, and maybe even your nose to unlock hints. Only those willing to work as a team will be victorious. Get in touch with us today to book one of our mystery escape room adventures for you and your team.