Escape Room Games for Team Building in Brighton

The corporate environment is such that every member of staff must be able to cooperate and work as a team in order to achieve the common goal of the organisation. Sometimes, it can be a bit of a challenge to foster team spirit and the usual team building exercises can become old too soon.

Brighton escape rooms present a unique opportunity for organisations to do something different for team-building. We can take smaller groups and larger groups, depending on your needs.

Why are escape room games so popular for team-building?

Escape room games in Brighton are becoming increasingly popular for corporate team building for a reason. They are ideal for targeting a number of business development objectives and can be beneficial for various kinds of organisations and businesses, regardless of their size. Bewilder Box bring the escape room experience to businesses across Brighton and Hove. Your staff will be involved in an immersive physical adventure game-play that forces the players to work together as a team.

One of the reasons escape room games are now popular for team-building in Brighton is that they are cost effective. Compared with other team-building exercises like hover craft races, the cost per head for escape room games is relatively low. Also, they encourage problem solving and critical thinking, as well as reinforce teamwork. If you have a large group and are wondering how the gaming experience will work, please don’t hesitate to call us anytime.

What happens in an escape room game?

The concept of an escape room or a locked room involves being locked in a room with a limited time to escape or face being locked in forever. Of course, the original concept has been developed over time and today, Bewilder Box go beyond the simple locked room narrative.

Our stories involve mysteries and puzzles that will get the minds of the players working in order to complete their mission. In one scenario, the team will have to figure out the whereabouts of the missing Dr Wilder Sr. and in the other, they’ll have to stop an AI robot from destroying the world. With only 60 minutes on the clock, the players will have their intelligence tested as they work as a team to complete the mission.

What kind of puzzles will be encountered?

Well, we can’t reveal the exact puzzles your team will have to solve. What’s the fun in that? What we can tell you though, is every puzzle they are faced with will be different from the last. While some puzzles will require them to use their brains, others will require the use of their ears, eyes and even nose.

For each puzzle that is solved, the team will get an item, code or clue to help them progress through the game. For larger groups, the players can be divided into smaller groups to compare scores with one another.

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