An indoor, app-based, puzzle-solving adventure game
Accommodates large groups, perfect for all occasions

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Fantastic Monster Eggs and Where to Find Them

the game

The ‘Department of Amazing & Fantastical Things’ manages world endangering situations of a more unusual nature. As a new recruit, your mission is to locate and retrieve twelve highly dangerous monster eggs which have been misplaced.
It’s time to prepare yourselves for a puzzle-packed monster hunt!

  • Use the ‘Escape Room Go!’ app to receive videos, missions, and clues from Captain Maverick Dareblade at D.A.F.T. HQ.
  • Embark on adventure in which you will be hunting for eggs, trapping monsters and solving puzzles as the story unfolds.
  • Per game purchased: 2-6 players (recommended 4).
  • Built-in clue system means you’ll have a blast, whether you’re an escape room expert or a complete beginner.
  • High quality production values and actor-based video content.
  • Great for all ages.
  • Adventure length: approximately 2 hours.
  • Requirements: a charged mobile device, with location services turned on and a data plan suitable for streaming short video content.


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